Building This Together

Funding hospitality is a benefit towards the community while gaining the option to generate a passive income flow for your portfolio. The hospitality industry has opportunity for high returns to owners but requires an experienced hand to get there. Our experience allows us to create profitable hospitality concepts. Let us do the work for you.

We are an established, metric-focused business with a record of success behind us and a full roster of future plans.

  • Our purpose is to provide a vessel for owners to build and strengthen the Gulf Coast hospitality infrastructure through our Restaurant Management Company.
  • We analyze data and markets to strategically choose concepts with the highest chance of success and assume daily operations for the location.

We believe the Gulf Coast is a home for new opportunities for both today and tomorrow

Our Current Locations

Downtown Sarasota – specifically Main Street – has long been the heartbeat of Sarasota’s culture

  • We’ve invested heavily in two concepts within 500 feet of the center of it all: The intersection of Main Street and Lemon Avenue, home to farmer’s markets, parades, and most city sponsored holiday activities like the NYE Pineapple Drop

Siesta Key

  • This state, national, and international travel destination has consistently ranked first among the top beaches of the world.
    • SHG purchased prime real estate and assumed management of a local pizzeria that has been serving beachgoers for 30 years

Downtown St Pete

  • Downtown, specifically Central Ave, is the hub of a busy city with a robust culture and night life.
    • Our location is located on the popular “First Friday” strip, where once a month open containment laws are suspended and thousands of locals converge
    • We also butt against Jannus Live, a national music venue that attracts bands and crowds from across the globe

Our Current Concepts

Pizza N’ Brew

  • Located on South Siesta Key, this chill craft beer and pizza slice spot is the perfect place for a beach detour, a happy hour beer, or a late night munchies stop
    • We leverage our local buying power to secure the best prices for our guests: whether that be a PBR tallboy or a limited release keg from American craft breweries
    • A simple menu and low cost food ingredients (flour, yeast, water, cheese) create a recession friendly concept with an average guest check of $15-$20
    • The concept is specially engineered for a quick and cost effective construction process to streamline future franchise options
      • Initial Funding Period is currently closed
      • Class A Founding Membership Period is currently closed
      • Class B Unit Holders Period is currently open

Tavern on Main Brewery

  • Our flagship location on the 1400 “Bar Block” of Downtown Sarasota
    • This is the largest bar in Sarasota and boasts three separate concepts inside a two story building
      • Full restaurant with food helmed by our Soon-To-Be-Announced Chef
      • Features the only rooftop bar on the 1400/1500 Main Street blocks
      • Includes a soundproofed Member’s Only Cocktail Speakeasy with a separate entrance
        • All SHG Class A owners receive an automatic membership, regardless of which concept partnered on
    • The menu and bar offers an option for everyone with an average guest check of $40-$60
      • Initial Funding Period is currently closed
      • Class A Founding Membership Period is currently open (limited)
      • Class B Unit Holders Period is currently open (limited)

Continual change and growth is tantamount to this profession. We let facts and data determine future projects (and we always have future projects). Our expertise allows us to optimize the restaurant set-up process and reduce start-up risk. Our owners see anywhere between a 24%-39% return throughout our properties. If interested in learning more please reach out.

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